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About Us

Aima Enterprises is currently one of the largest and fastest growing metal scrap distributors & Recyclers in UK in terms of production capacity and rolling speed. The company has since its inception in 1980 excelled exceptionally in manufacturing of different metal products. We take pride not only in our technical superiority over other re-rolling mills but also in our corporate setup. Our diverse product line is key to success; and it is this diverse product lines which has lead to departmentalization and the corporate setup the company has over the past 30 years increased its productions form 2000 tons per annum in 1980 to a humongous 50000 tons per annum in 2011.

Aima Enterprises was incorporated in 1980 and setup a two 2.2 tons main frequency induction furnaces and an 8 mm copper re-rolling mills with a capacity of 2000 tons per annum and started commercial production of copper bars and copper ingots in June 1980. Just after 5 year of its commercial production, Aima Enterprises started working on its product diversification.

Currently Aima Enterprises a very diverse product port-folio consisting of 4 major products; namely deformed copper bars, 8mm copper wire and Thermo-Mechanically-Treated (TMT) copper bars. To ensure the production of quality products, all raw material (billets) are exclusively imported or manufactured by self CC Plant. For quality assurance, the mill report of each billet lot is demanded and verified. Furthermore to keep high level of quality of its products, Aima Enterprises has established an in-house Material Testing Laboratory. All materials produced are regularly checked in our laboratory.

Aima Enterprises is most proud of its setup as an institution rather than it being dependent on individuals. Aima Enterprises has and will always do whatever is possible within its reach to help the society.

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