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Copper Aluminium Bronze Ferrous

This generally includes the scrap metal from automobiles, steel beams, equipment, appliances, railroad rail, as well as food packaging and other containers. Scrap steel accounts for the largest volume in terms of the metal turned to scrap in the world.

Aima Enterprises supplies containers and or roll-off containers for the collection of ferrous (Iron, tin and Steel) and non-ferrous metals. Aima Enterprises only collects and receives form large and small industrial and commercial accounts such as sheet-metal, fabrication, manufacturing and demolition companies etc. Aima Enterprises can also supply roll-off containers for the removal of ferrous metals from jobsites such as building demolition and erection, HVAC removal, and more.

The resulting processed metal is used by steel mills and foundries for the manufacturing of new steel products. The following is a list of the types of ferrous metals we purchase;

•Cast Iron
•Structural Steel
•Steel Pipe
•Steel Punching
•Sheet Metal
•Shredded Tin or Steel
•Bailed Tin
•Wheel Rims

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